MKD is an interior architecture and design studio led by architect Michel Keyrouz.

The firm focuses on diverse commercial, residential and hospitality projects for clients across the globe, including Beirut, Romania, Canada, Qatar, KSA and Dubai. MKD is recognized by luxury homes interior design and large-scale mixed-use projects. With over twenty years of industry experience, MKD continuously challenges convention, while seeking to satisfy clients’ needs and rise above expectations.



AE7 is an internationally renowned premier multi-disciplinary, full-service architecture and engineering design consultancy with over 400 people that collaborate over a network of 9 offices across three continents.


Our design practice is led by creative thinking and strategic minds that exceeds expectations and deliver extraordinary results for prestigious projects in the world covering 9 market sectors that includes hospitality, healthcare and wellness developments, science and technology, higher education, destination developments, commercial and corporate, residential, primary, and secondary schools.


All our planning and design work is done with creative ideas that brings about the most unique experiences and the best commercial results to the clients. Our ethos of holistic solution for clients is the catalyst for integration of disciplines and the mechanism for the creation of international benchmarks.


Russel Sage Studio.

Established in 2005, Russell Sage Studio has extensive experience of creating superlative interior stories, for a wide range of 5*hotels, premium restaurants,luxury bars, members clubs and exclusive residencies across the globe. Under Russell’s direction, the studio houses 35 dedicated interior designers, FF&E designers and production teams - each passionately committed to the creation and seamless delivery of authentic, compelling interior schemes to excite and engage all who enter.

Russell himself is renowned for his inspiring and fearless creativity, as well as his endless enthusiasm for designing the best hospitality experiences for our clients and their clientel.

At RSS, we pride ourselves on working in collaboration and listening to ensure our spaces work front and back of house. We truly care about the little things that guests notice when they sit down - enabling your team and space to operate smoothly from first opening. What’s more, we don’t just talk about design at RSS, we enjoy delivering it at speed and to budget.

Above all, our interiors are important to us, long after the project may have finished. We place great emphasis on developing the right story, so that your space will be timeless, beautiful, hard wearing and functional for years to come.


Ashley Sutton Design

Originated from Fremantle, Western Australia, Ashley Sutton grew up surrounded by nature. His quest to design begins with a physical labor-filled adolescence, with imaginative illustrations as an anecdote to exercise his creativity. Sutton’s vivid imaginations transformed into story books, a worldwide bestseller. His overnight success facilities his journey to pursue designs, exemplifying his ever imaginative designs with meticulous details and highly-complex story narrative that can be reinterpreted into venues to marvel at, as Sutton’s vision is realized to real life into his concepts such as Iron Fairies, Dear Lilly, Maggie Choos, Ophelia, Dragonfly, and the Mixing Room by Iron Fairies.


Sutton’s creative spirit lends inspiration from nature, turning every creative and story characters into real life. His cutting edge designs, infusing his identity and personality in each element, are enhanced by bespoke details that break barriers in both the design industry and world of mixology. His creative concepts continue to push boundaries, exceed expectations and guarantee successes that leave us only wanting more. As one whose vision stays invaluable and unparallel to the core of hospitality and the ambience that builds its uniqueness, Sutton is a true artistic visionary that encourages his creations to live up to its true potential.


Studio Paolo Ferrari.

Internationally recognized, Studio Paolo Ferrari is a practice at the cutting edge of international design. Today the studio works with prestige and emerging luxury brands or through private commissions on hospitality, retail, and residential projects, delivering highly considered guest experiences, through attention to detail and full immersion, into worlds both luxurious and distinct. 


A distinctive, vision-forward approach has defined Ferrari’s output as he continues to collaborate with industry-leading clients all over the world. With the ever-expanding presence of the digital, Studio Paolo Ferrari believes in pursuing work where experiential worlds evoke a quality of awe. Through a user-centric design approach, which emphasizes ritual and artistry, Studio Paolo Ferrari occupies the rare space where timelessness and courageous invention coexist.  


The studio is currently involved in projects throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. 

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